Inguinal orchidopexy - Dr John Cassey - Australia

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theonlyson2007       May 24, 2012      Surgery Specialty: Urology hide
Inguinal orchidopexy - Dr John Cassey - Australia
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4 years ago
A very good video with very clear steps and audio.Some unusual points
are the need to open the external oblique, in view of the fact that in
children the inguinal canal is not developed and the deep and
superficial rings are directly ontop of each other.The technique of
creating a Dartos pouch as well as securing the testis is under
emphasized, but is key to the success of this operation.
7 years ago
Hi, nice video, but I was very surprised by the way how the testis was
fixated at scrotal level. It is recommended not to harm the testis and
yet, we see here how the testis is sutured, I find that quite



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