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Upper Eyelid Reconstruction with post auricular skin graft

Performed by Kami Parsa M.D. Patient is a 55 year old with a history of previous upper eyelid blepharoplasty with excessive skin removed from both upper eyelids which resulted... 1 year ago             57819 views STProductions    

Third Stage Nasal...

Thid stage nasal econstuction: Nasolabial flap thinning,... 1 year ago    6767 views DrBrenner

Foot Compartment Syndrome...

This video describes in detail the anatomy relevant to... 2 years ago    3850 views nabilebraheim

Forearm Fasciotomy

Forearm Fasciotomy 2 years ago    53325 views tecksiong1

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2 years ago  |   2657 views STProductions  |  Photo: 1

Curved Sponge Stick

2 years ago  |   6437 views STProductions  |  Photo: 1

Measurement board

2 years ago  |   8479 views STProductions  |  Photo: 1

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