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Whipple - Whipple procedure, or Kausch-Whipple procedure, is a major surgical operation involving the pancreas, duodenum, and other organs. 8 years ago             36680 views yangylfmmu    

DSAEK Corneal Transplant...

Stephen Slade shows a 1 week post op patient after DSAEK.... 8 years ago    34895 views sgs7777

Third Stage Nasal...

Thid stage nasal econstuction: Nasolabial flap thinning,... 8 years ago    42326 views DrBrenner

Big Abscess in the ER

This video demonstrates the management of a large abscess in... 9 years ago    49389 views lmellick

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Podiatry Tray

9 years ago  |   52927 views STProductions  |  Photos: 62

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